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Hot air balloons above Bristol

The Noble Lab is a synthetic organic chemistry research group based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, UK.

Our research focuses on the development of synthetic methodologies to improve the efficiency of organic synthesis.

In particular, we are interested in using visible light as a sustainable energy source to help achieve these goals.

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June 2024

We are delighted that Jordan Barker and Harry Meats from the 2023 Cohort of the TECS CDT have both chosen to join the group for their PhDs. Welcome Jordan and Harry.

June 2024

Kaiyi Liu, a Bristol Chemistry undergraduate, has joined the group for a summer research project. Welcome Kaiyi.

April 2024

Goodbye to Luxmi, who has finished her MSci project. It has been a pleasure having you in the group. Good luck in your exams and we wish you all the best for after graduation.

February 2024

Congratulations to Luxmi, who gave a great presentation of her results as part of the MSci project talks.  

February 2024

Welcome to Jordan Barker, who has joined the group from the TECS CDT for a 6-week mini-project.  

January 2024

Welcome to Harry Meats, who has joined the group from the TECS CDT for a 6-week mini-project.  

September 2023

Welcome to Luxmi Sathiyalingam, who has joined the group for her final year MSci project.

July 2023

Congratulations to Zhihang Li, who won the Participant’s Prize for his poster at the TECS CDT Summer conference.

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